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Meet The Landings' HR Director

January 12, 2023
One of the most important members of any facility’s team is someone who goes mostly unseen by our residents and families. A facility’s Human Resources Director is the person who facilitates job postings for open positions all across the facility, assists applicants with the application and interview process, completes the onboarding and orientation process with our new hires, and assists all staff with items like healthcare benefits, time off, facility policies, continuing education, and so much more. To put it briefly: without our HR Director, there is no staff, and therefore nobody to care for our residents!

At The Landings of Westerville, we are beyond proud and fortunate to be home to the best HR Director we could have: the wonderful Tamara Downard!

Meet Tamara

Born and raised in Pickerington, Ohio, Tamara has now called Canal Winchester, Ohio, her home for many years. Though The Landings is Tamara’s first rehabilitation center, she is not new to healthcare – Tamara has over 20+ years of experience in the world of Cardiology! She has worked in various roles in Cardiology settings and has years of experience working with people. She’s no stranger to the importance of taking care of your people, especially in the fast-paced world of healthcare where staff can encounter long hours and stressful situations.

The staff at The Landings will tell anyone who listens that Tamara makes sure all employees feel important and supported! This is of utmost importance because a staff member that is happy to be at the workplace gives excellent care. Tamara operates on the principle that her efforts in supporting The Landings' employees are ultimately efforts to provide the quality care that our residents deserve.

There’s another element to Tamara’s talent here at The Landings: staffing a new facility, especially one that is growing very quickly, means hiring a lot of people, very quickly. In quarter four of 2022 alone, Tamara introduced our Culture of Care while running background checks and orientations, and supported the hiring transition for 81 new employees. WOW! This is an incredible amount of effort by Tamara in the name of helping The Landings of Westerville answer the call to support the Westerville community with the highest quality care possible. To date, The Landings of Westerville has never had to deny admission due to a lack of staff as we grow. The facility has also experienced almost zero staff turnover (in other words, the folks who join us, stay with us). These are things that we have Tamara to thank for!

Tamara states that her favorite part about her work is bringing individuals to our rehabilitation facility who want to be here for the right reasons. She prides herself in knowing that her efforts are to ensure that we only hire employees that are truly caring and passionate about the lives of our residents. Tamara ensures that we continue growing our team with the best of the best. She is a very important first line of support for our residents.

In recognition of Tamara’s extremely hard work, relentless enthusiasm, and ever-present smile, Tamara was the very first recipient of a special honor: The Landings of Westerville SpaceMan Spirit Award! Though it has a funny name, this award is very important to our Management Team. This astronaut statue is representative of the facility's efforts to go “to the moon." The SpaceMan Spirit Stick is awarded each month to a manager at The Landings who goes above and beyond to serve the facility, our residents, and our staff. We are a rocket ship going to the moon in our efforts to care for our residents and continue to grow within the Westerville community! There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Tamara is extremely deserving of this honor. Thank you for being you, Tamara!

It is team members like Tamara who fill our facility with love and build the Culture of Care that we strive for that make The Landings of Westerville the premier rehabilitation facility it is.

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